Team Growth

Lets Booth It is growing rapidly with 5 markets being established in 2014 and 10 more on track to open doors in 2015. With a home base in a vibrant startup community in Nashville, Lets Booth It is reshaping the traditional mom-and-pop business by booking, designing, organizing, and innovating in Tennessee, while the operations are handled in your own back yard with the help of local operators.

We offer a variety of opportunities to get involved, whether that being through management, local operations, or our student friendly internship!


Whether you are looking to get involved full-time or partially, getting involved with our management program is flexible and very simple. Apply to learn more!


Lets Booth It started its business by offering part time work opportunities for students in Nashville.

Help support 5 national offices and 10 new openings by applying for a College Credit internship! Take a look at the video below and see if this is something you’re ready for.

If interested, email [email protected] to learn more!


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